Oh boy….I’ve done it again….I’ve neglected the blog for the last year!  Here’s to getting back on board with blogging again!

Grandma Diane was at it again this year!  She managed to get all of her grandkids in the same location AND managed 3 clothing changes!  She never ceases to amaze me!
Do you remember last year when the cousins doubled in numbers?  This year, they remained at 4….but don’t let the static number fool you….these kids are FAR from static!  Especially when you throw in THREE motorized vehicles….yes, there were 4 active kids on three motorized vehicles!  Are you wondering if we accomplished capturing any pictures?!?!
 Of…course…we….did!!  It was one of the hottest days of the summer, but the kids seemed unphased.  Their sweet faces looked gorgeous the entire time!  The adults?  Well, we were all pretty sweaty by the end.  But, fun, what fun we had capturing another year of cousin fun on the farm!
These kids are blessed and loved more than they will be able to fully comprehend for several years.  I am so so so happy that I get to be a part of their lives once a year and capture these sweet moments.  One day they will be able to look back with joyful memories of these days as young carefree little souls and understand that their grandma wanted to make sure those days lived on forever in their hearts.  Joy!


Well, Grandma did it again!  She was able to successfully gather all her grandkids in the same location despite living in different states to capture some sweet moments with all of them!  In years past, she’s only had to coordinate 2 kiddos, but in the last year, they’ve doubled!  This year we had a ratio of about 2 adults to 1 kid to accomplish the task…..and conquer we did!!  I am fairly certain that every adult was a sweaty mess by the end, but all the kids looked like a million bucks and were having a blast!

The two oldest cousins share such a sweet and undeniable bond.  I absolutely adore watching their relationship unfold each year, it is so sweet!  I cannot wait to see how the 2 youngest grow in the coming years and begin running around like best friends!  What a gift grandma gives to these kids every year!  What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in 30 years when all these kids are able to reminisce about the times grandma gathered them all in the same place to capture their lives!  Too too sweet!

An Official KandE Production

You may have all been wondering why things have been so quiet around here lately…we have been working but the twin pregnancy left Karen a bit too exhausted and not able to keep up with blogging and facebook.  The exciting news is that we are now experiencing a new kind of exhaustion…

In the early morning of June 18, Elias Eric & Katelyn Ann arrived, born 40 minutes apart.  KandE (the twins) are doing fine and Karen is doing amazingly well.  The ”official” newborn pics are coming soon, but in the meantime here are some from our iPhones and the hospital.

We are loving our new little family!  Thank you all for all of your thoughts and prayers!  We appreciate all of your patience while we are on maternity leave and cannot wait to get back to capturing all of your family’s in August!  Please send us an email so we can add you to our contact list and you can be the first to grab a session once we open a few dates up!

One Hundred Monday’s

I’ve recently been lucky enough to start playing with a new band in the Des Moines area called One Hundred Monday’s.  For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve played bass guitar since I was 17 and have been in several different bands throughout high school and college.  I first started playing with a good friend of mine, Jerrid Kruse, back in high school.  We started a band, recorded an album and played shows.  We were rocking and rollin’ our way to the top.

Then college came and after a couple years, we played again together and actually did quite a few shows.  In fact, our last one together with that band was on March 18, 2004.  That 8 year streak ended last night (April 12, 2012) at the Bombay Bicycle Club in Des Moines when I joined his newly formed band (he plays drums), One Hundred Monday’s.  It was the band’s first show and Karen (yep, she most certainly was the only one with a preggo belly there) rocked these shots during it.

- Eric

Genders Revealed

We recently revealed the gender of our twins to our family.  We knew for about 6 weeks before telling them, and it was incredibly difficult to not slip up and reveal them inadvertently.  We found out ourselves on January 24 and in KandE fashion, wanted to make it into a fun event.  During the ultrasound, we asked if the technician could write down the gender of Baby A and B on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope.  Karen then took that envelope  to the place that would make cupcakes with the appropriate filling in each one (blue or pink)….the fastest!  Hy-Vee had them made in an hour…yep we knew we couldn’t wait more than a few more hours to reveal the BIG news to ourselves!  That night, we made videotaped predictions and revealed the genders as we took a bite into each cupcake.  We both admitted later that it was way more exciting than we could have ever imagined it would be….and even nerve wracking (the most unexpected response we expected)!  Even though I knew what we were going to do…about to reveal our future, I found myself not getting too worked up over it throughout the day.  But as the time got closer, and then the cupcakes in hand, it felt like I was literally holding our future in my hands.  So… it was great and awesome and surreal and PERFECT!

We did the same cupcake reveal for our parents during the baby shower our family put on for us in NW Iowa.  Needless to say, they were a bit speechless and extremely excited as well.  The images are of our official “web” gender reveal for those who could not be at the shower, the note that the technician wrote on that Karen then brought to Hy-Vee, and finally our parents’ reaction.  All priceless.


F a c e b o o k
M o r e   i n f o